6 Best Airbnb Tips: How to Choose the Best Airbnb

Airbnb has made travel more affordable for so many people. It has also given people with a spare room or investment property a way to make some extra cash.

While there are tons of gems on Airbnb, there are also duds. This happens naturally on platforms where everybody and anybody can list what they have to sell.

Personally, I’ve had all great experiences with Airbnb, but there were some times when I’ve wished I would’ve paid a little more attention to smaller details.

Here are the 6 best Airbnb tips that will help you choose the best Airbnb for your stay.

1 – Consider the Number of Beds and Bedrooms

Even if your Airbnb says it sleeps 6, make sure there are enough beds and bedrooms to give each member of your group the privacy they desire.

I’ve seen places where a rental has only one room and everybody is sleeping together. This would be fine if your entire party is cool with sharing a room, but if you have the situation where you have multiple couples and people who are not comfortable sleeping together, this could be problematic.

Figure out what everybody is comfortable with then filter through the stays at your destination to find the place that has enough bedrooms and beds. Most places will give you a breakdown of how the beds are spread across the rooms.

2 – Check How Many Reviews it Has

So, a near perfect rating on Airbnb is great. But if a host/property only has 2 or 3 ratings, I tend to stay away. This is not to say that a newly listed place is bad, but I like to see a decent history of proof that the place that I’m going to stay is decent.

I also check the dates of the reviews. So if there was a bad review about a leaky faucet or a clogged toilet from three years ago, I’m likely to ignore those if the recent reviews where stellar.

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3 – Read What the Reviews Say

Obviously, you’ll want to stay at a place where people have reported having a great experiences with the property and the host. But reviews can give you even more useful information.

Look for comments that people make about the distance from airports or major landmarks that you want to hit. This will give you some more insight on the location since you may be looking for a place to stay in a city you’re unfamiliar with.

I also look at the comments to get a feeling of how cool the host is. I like to stay with hosts who like to chat and interact with me. But I also like to see that the host respects guests’ privacy. Read the reviews to make sure the host has the vibe you’re looking for.

4 – Consider Extra Fees or Discounts

Many places on Airbnb offer discounted rates on weekly or monthly rentals, so even though one place may look more expensive than another based on the daily price, scroll through the page to look for discounts.

The same goes with fees. One place may have a lower daily rate than another but it may have higher service fees, cleaning fees or charges for additional guests.

Look beyond the initial price that you see listed on the main page. You could save yourself a few bucks.

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5 – Check if It’s a Shared Room or Space

Often times, Airbnb hosts offer up a room in their home. This means you’ll probably be sharing bathrooms or living spaces. If this is an issue to you, make sure the property you’re looking at is the entire apartment or home.

I’ve never had issues staying in a private room with the host sleeping in the room over, but I can see how some may find this uncomfortable.

Listings also will specify if the private room has its own lock. This is something I also typically look for.

6 – Save Money on Your First Stay

One of my life mottos is “never pay full price for anything.” In true saver fashion, one of my best Airbnb tips will help you follow that motto, too.

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Using the Best Airbnb Tips

So, now you have the resources to help you choose the best Airbnb for your stay. Whether you’re looking to book a staycation or a trip around the globe, I hope these tips help you find a magnificent place!

I have stayed in so many cool Airbnb properties that I’ll remember forever, so I’m excited to see what you’ll find!

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