Travel Content Writer

Looking for a travel content writer to share your brand’s story? Want to drive organic traffic to your business’s blog and sell more of your products or services?

Well, look no further. You have found the best travel content writer in the biz.

I am a travel writer at Quill to Keys Content Writing, and I’ve been writing professionally for two years now.

Helping you bring your brand’s personality to life through written content is my specialty.

Emily Krings: Travel Content Writer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Who Needs a Travel Content Writer?

If you run a business in the travel industry and you are looking for a way to connect with your audience with a blog, newsletter or other fun medium, you need a content writer who specializes in travel writing.

Not sure if this is you? Check out some of the businesses that may need help from a travel writer:

  • Boutique travel agencies
  • Travel product businesses
  • Independent travel agents
  • Travel photographers
  • Excursion and experience businesses
  • Tour guides
  • Honeymoon planners

If you serve travelers and adventurers, I can help you!

What I Can Do for You

There are different reasons why you would hire a travel writer, but all of them basically point to generating traffic to your site and boosting your sales.

I can help you with a few different things when it comes to travel writing, so let’s break it down.

  • Brainstorm and research to come up with a content strategy for your site
  • Create engaging and entertaining content
  • Add value to viewers with travel guides and travel tips
  • Showcase your business’s specialties
  • Create SEO content to your site to bring in organic traffic
  • Give your site a bit of personality with content that uses your brand’s language and tone

Your business highlights your passion and skills. You’re a pro at what you do. It’s a good idea to pass the writing tasks onto a travel content writing pro.

What do ya say? Are you ready to create some spunky content for your travel site?

Contact me today at to get started ASAP.